Iron-Chromium-Cobalt Magnets

The Iron-Chromium-Cobalt alloys (FeCrCo) are formed either by casting to size or by casting in the form of an ingot which is then rolled and/or drawn either to final shape or to form which can then be cut. Heat treatment is essential to develop the magnetic properties. The magnetic properties can be increased in a preferred direction by applying a magnetic field during heat treatment. Although this alloy is hard and brittle in its fully heat-treated condition, it is sufficiently ductile to be rolled, drawn, machined, turned or threaded prior to its final heat treatment.

FeCrCo Magnets have similar properties to cast Alnico 5 but, unlike cast alnico, the FeCrCo magnets are actually easier to machine than Alnico. FeCrCo can be hot deformed.
The maximum recommended operating temperature is typically around +400 degrees C (752F).

Typical Application for FeCrCo Magnets:

Typical forms and shapes of Iron Chrome Cobalt Magnets

· Compasses
· Hysteresis coupling applications

Typical Magnetic Properties and Chemical Compositions of iron-chromium-cobalt magnet materials