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Essen Magnetics is proud to be one of largest supplier of magnetic products in China. Our incredibly wide range allows for a diverse selection of magnets of every size, strength, shape and function. Our small magnets allow for a precise application and are often used in the manufacturing process and integrated into mechanical objects and tools. Depending on the strength of the magnet, they can be used for different means.

Essen Magnetics manufactures and supplies a range of magnet products in various magnetic materials. Some of the standardized products include neo pot magnets, permanent lifting magnets, magnetic couplings, rotors, and stators. Being a China magnet supplier, we are able to manufacture customized magnetic products with alnico, neodymium, samarium-cobalt, iron-chromium-cobalt and more.

Our Rare Earth&lt (Neodymium) magnets are the strongest commercially available and are incredibly magnetic for their size in comparison to Ferrite Magnets. Ferrite magnets are the most popular as they are relatively strong and have a fantastic resilience to heat as well as being produced at a low price. These are great for mid-range magnetic tasks as they still possess a strong magnetic pull full but not as strong as the Rare Earth. The other magnetic products that we have to offer have various other qualities and are used in educational environments, such as Alnico Magnets as they are perfect for teaching students about magnetic force and the different poles on a magnet.
As well as simple magnetic products, we also supply magnetic tools and a range of magnetic assembly products including permanent lifting magnets, neo pot magnets and magnetic couplings.

Alone with our China based world-class manufacturing facilities, ESSEN Magnetics can provide one stop and turnkey solutions to our customers,we use these world-class facilities in permanent lifting magnet manufacturing and magnetic coupling manufacturing to produce a great number of products in a short time.

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