Permanent Lifting Magnets

Permanent lifting magnets manufactured by Essen Magnetics use compact but powerful with rare earth magnets. Our lifting magnets feature on and off functionality without the need of electricity. The independence from electricity reduces operating cost, while also eliminates the possible danger of load dropping due to power failures.

Applications of Permanent Lifting Magnets:

Load steel plate into vertical storage racks
Lift steel plate from vertical storage racks to horizontal machining centersor cutting tables
Lift steel plate, rounds or billets into place for equipment/machinery manufacturing

close up of a permanent lifting magnet
close up of a permanent lifting magnet
close up of a permanent lifting magnet
close up of a permanent lifting magnet

We manufacture and sell certified Permanent Lifting Magnets

Permanent lifting magnets manufactured by Essen are tested in the SGS-CSTC STS Shanghai Lab.

Individually Tested

Each magnet is individually tested with a certificate of capacity before delivery.

Machinery Directive

Each permanent lifting magnet meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive of European Parliament and European Council 2006/42/EC Annex-VII.

3.5 Times Rated

Each permanent lifting magnets is 3.5 times rated capacity factor of safety and meets ASME B30.20 SAFETY STANDARDS

a certificate on permanent lifting magnet manufacturing

Standard(s) Referenced: # EN
; EN ISO 12100:2010 #

Essen manufacturers these six standard
permanent lifting magnets:

Model Rated
strength (kgf)
strength (kgf)
strength (kgf)
Length Width Height Arm Length Operation temperature
Dead weight
PML-100 100 50 350 64 92 64 126 <80 3
PML-300 300 150 1050 92 162 91 155 <80 10
PML-600 600 300 2100 122 232 117 196 <80 24
PML-1000 1000 500 3500 176 258 163 285 <80 50
PML-2000 2000 1000 7000 234 378 212 426 <80 125
PML-3000 3000 1200 10500 255 525 256 735 <80 218

Customized sizes and configurations for permanent lifting magnets are available and will be manufactured by Essen.

You can also have your own logo on the lifters as well if you so wish.

Features of Permanent Lifting Magnet

Permanent lifting magnets manufactured by Essen use neodymium magnets for minimal weight but high magnetic strength. Our lifting magnets are easy to use and feature safe handling with certification from independent laboratories. As a permanent lifting magnet, the magnetic strength does not weaken over time with minimal maintenance required for durable and consistent operation.

While featuring on and off functionality, permanent lifting magnets do not require electricity to operate, unlike electromagnets. Other than the cost of electricity cost, independence from power for magnetism improves occupational safety without the possibility of the load falling due to power failure. This made lifting magnets perfect for moving steel sheets, steel plates, steel blocks, and steel cylinders.

The on and off function of lifting magnets are controlled by a lever and does not require other technical skills to operate, making it a safe tool for most. The safety factor of lifting magnets are rated at 3 out of 5. And the minimal magnetic field dispersion does not spread the magnetic field to nearby objects and other workpieces.

Uses of Permanent Lifting Magnet

Permanent lifting magnets are suitable to lift steel plates, round and tubes without the need for chains or slings. And, the use of rare earth magnets provides great size to magnetic power ratio for permanent lifting magnets. This allows a single operator to load and move steel pieces with ease. The use of lifting magnets also reduces the need for workers to physically lift heavy objects and the risk of workers experiencing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

As the magnetic field of permanent lifting magnets are concentrated, this magnet is ideal for handling goods around a warehouse or a workshop. The magnetic field dispersion to the nearby area is minimal. Lifting magnets are commonly used in factories, docks, transportation, and engineering workshops for most applications required steel movements, including structural steel fabrication.

When lifting a metal object, the lifting magnet is placed above the object where the magnet is activated. The object is attracted by the lifting magnet that allows the object to be carried from one place to another. The use of lifting magnets does not require a connection point with the lifting object that simplifies industrial work.

How to choose permanent lifting magnets?

Standard permanent lifting magnet models manufactured by Essen ranges from PML-100 to PML-3000, with the number representing the rated lifting strength of the particular model. You should not lift items over the rated lifting strength of the model. The rated lifting strength is measured with the lifting surface covering the entire metal object. Lifting cylindrical-shaped metal will reduce the surface area that will reduce the lifting strength by approximately half.

Depending on the surface, the content of the alloy, the thickness of the material, and the contact area, it can influence the lifting strength of the lifting magnets. The safe working load is recommended to be half of the rated lifting strength.

As a professional permanent lifting magnet manufacturer, contact Essen Magnetics to learn which lifting is best for you.